Hormel Foods Corporation 3rd Shift Sanitation Professional - Fremont, NE in Fremont, Nebraska

How To Apply Apply at www.hormeljob.com or apply on a computer at the Fremont Plant Security Guard Building located at 900 South Platte Avenue in Fremont, NE 68025

Hormel Foods has an opening for the 3rd Shift Sanitation Department. Successful candidates will work in our production facility located in Fremont, Nebraska, and enjoy competitive wages along with a comprehensive benefits package. Sanitation is a third shift position and works typically from 9:30 P.M. to as late as 7:30 A.M. with Saturday and Sunday work required.

Job Description: 1. Cleaning and Sanitizing equipment as required 2. Operate cleaning equipment such as high pressure cleaning devices 3. Disassemble/Reassemble processing equipment in a timely manner 4. Inspect meat or meat products 5. Operate food processing production equipment/machinery 6. Maintaining sanitary conditions in locker rooms and welfare areas 7. Adjust production equipment/machinery setup 8. Clean equipment or machinery 9. Set up production equipment or machinery 10. Perform repetitive tasks in a sanitation setting 11. Use hand or power tools 12. Working Safely (Wearing PPE and reporting unsafe conditions). Apply LOTO (Lock Out Tag Out) devices as needed. 13. Support the plant's Safety, Quality, and Cost Initiatives 14. Perform other duties as directed by supervisor or lead supervisor.

Job Responsibilities: · Follow all company rules for food safety and employee safety. · The ability to perform repetitive hand & wrist motion throughout a shift. · The ability to lift/push/pull 50+lbs as required throughout the course of a shift. · The ability to twist and bend the body as necessary to perform job related tasks. · The ability to kneel/squat/climb as necessary to complete job related tasks. · The ability to perform grasping & pinching motions to complete job related tasks. · The ability to work in a hot/cold, soiled, and wet environment continuously. · The ability to understand basic USDA food safety practices (GMP's). · Must be able to to demonstrate identification of chemicals and proper PPE.

Pork Division base wages start at $15.30 per hour and get $15.65 after (3) months and $16.05 after (6) months.

The Pork Division offers 6 different paygrades.

Pay Grade Less Than 3 Months 3-6 Months 6 Months

C1 $15.30 $15.65 $16.05

C2 $15.45 $15.80 $16.20

C3 $15.55 $15.90 $16.30

C4 $15.80 $16.15 $16.55

C5 $16.05 $16.40 $16.80

C6 $16.30 $16.65 $17.05

Working Conditions: The work environment in Sanitation is a warm/hot environment when using high temperature waters and in some areas may be exposed to colder temperatures.

Scheduled Hours: A typical work week consists of an 8-8.5 hour daily shift, Monday-Friday with Saturday & Sunday work. Please note, the company may require senority based overtime work.